Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mortarion, Prince of Decay

"Pain is an illusion of the senses, fear an illusion of the mind, beyond these only death waits as silent judge o'er all."  — Primarch Mortarion

Mortarion, also known as the Death Lord or the Prince of Decay after he turned to Chaos, was one of the original twenty Imperial Primarchs created by the Emperor of Mankind. He was given command of the Death Guard Space Marine Legion on the arrival of the Emperor to his homeworld of Barbarus, but he turned to the Forces of Chaos during the Horus Heresy. At present, Mortarion is the greatest Daemon Prince of Nurgle and the Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard Chaos Space Marines.


The Barbaran Plate - Mortaraion's war panoply is of his own design, fusing Power Armour technology with his own lore. It is designed not only to protect him in battle but augment his own singular physiology and environmental needs, synthesising trace elements of the poisonous vapours of his lost homeworld of Barbarus to mix with the air he breathes.

Silence - Silence, to give it the macabre nickname favoured by its wielder, is a massive two-handed battle scythe with a blade span as long as most human warriors are tall. This formidable weapon is accounted as one of the most fearsome blades wielded by any Primarch. Since Mortarion's finding by the Emperor during the Great Crusade, there have been dark whispers that the blade is of xenos-tainted origin, and some familiar with the legend of the Death Guard Primarch's early life believe it to be none other than the weapon of the terrible charnel creature that once named himself Mortarion's "father."

The Lantern - The Lantern is a drum-barrelled energy blaster and the preferred sidearm of Mortarion. It is of unknown origin.

Phosphex Bombs - Mortarion carries a number of compact Phosphex Bombs of his own design which hang from his armour in the shape of censors.

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