Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last Night's Dream 7-17-17

Driving through the streets like a maniac trying to get back home, get back to my wife.  The attack on New York had just started and I left work without permission, I don’t think getting fired for leaving early is going to happen now that Manhattan is on fire.  Who would have thought that the Russians and North Korea would have worked together to start World War Three.  Who would have guessed that the Cuban’s would have such a strong part in the destruction of the United States.  I didn’t really care about that now, driving through the streets, dodging blockades, just so that If I was going to die, it was going be in the arms of my beloved. The bombs erupted from multiple Korean grocery stores all over New York, boats on the Hudson revealing hidden weapons that launch short range missiles into New York Skyscrapers, and then the bombers and the Subs, how could we have been so blind.  Hazleton was in chaos, which is funny because it’s just the same as always.  I was able to get to the parking lot but the local gang members were arming themselves and gathering on the streets.  Not sure what is going to happen next….. just going to hug my wife, kiss my cats, and hope for the best.

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