Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear Nick and Susie

Dear Nick and Susie, 

I’m not sure if this is going to reach you but I thought I’d try anyway. First off I just wanted to say my wife and I are great fans of your work, Nick’s music and of course Susie’s fantastic fashions. The reason I am sending this email to you is to ask a favor, I never really do things like this but I wanted to reach out to you and hopefully you can help a fan. We have tickets to see you at the Electric factory in Philadelphia in June, everything is paid for and of course we are really excited to be going. The favor is not for me really but more for my wife, you see she just lost her brother to a drug overdose and I’m trying to help her through the grief. Her little brother was her only sibling and we spent many years trying to avoid this ending which is cutting our family so deep right now. My wife spent most of her time consoling her parents and trying to keep strong for the family. She’s been a fan of Nick since she was a teenager even seeing Nick read some of his writings many years ago in New York City in Washington Square Park. Right now, Nick’s music is the only thing really getting her through, we even watched the latest film and felt so deeply touch by it that the following week it’s the only thing we discussed. OK, well let me ask for this favor. I would ask if my wife and I could meet with Nick before or after the show. I know it would be the biggest thrill of her life and she would never forget it. I’m not asking for anything else, we already have tickets and own almost everything Nick has ever produced. I just want my wife to feel like sadness isn’t the only thing left in the world. That singing into the darkness might produce some hope and happiness somewhere. Even if this doesn’t reach you and is read by a clerk somewhere, hopefully it reaches you. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. 

James Rios, and my wife is Paula
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