Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ah, the battle for time.

It took a really long time but I feel that I am finally getting somewhere with my artwork.
I’ve been taking time to work on my sketching, drawing every day like I use to. Right now I’m just doodling trying to get my legs back under me, trying to remember my old techniques. I’ve also been looking at life drawing and figure sketching again. I’m also trying different things with my ink work, looking towards Moebius as a new technique to review and master.

 I’m just running into a problem with time, I using all of my free time relaxing from my hectic work week and also entertaining my wife. When I finally do put some time into my work I’m a little burnt out. It’s funny, but when I’m working from my office and I have some free time this is where I seem to have the most luck with my drawings. I’m not really sure why but hey it’s working…
Chaos Warrior done in the style of Moebius.

The idea is keep on drawing, keep on making art. It’s the only way I can back to where I was and improve. Just keep moving forward, just keep the creativity flowing…

Here are a few things I’ve been working on.

Just some pen work and line practice : Onion Lady.
A small sketch while listening to Nick Cave's Skeleton Tree
A sketch working on the Moebius pen work I want to master.
Another Chaos Female sketch.

More work coming soon, Cartoonist, Artist, still need to discover what kind of artist I am. - Cheers

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