Thursday, August 4, 2016

It was really boring at work until the orcs came.

 Hold on, let me back up a bit, my name is James and I work at the most boring computer job in the world.  I don’t mind working on computers, but the phone sales are killing me.  It’s Thursday and I am just sitting here waiting for the day to end so I can catch a movie premier at 6 pm. Taking call after call and droning on about products I could care less about.

 It’s hard not to day dream when you have a job like this, but today was different, my day dream kind of became real.  Mindlessly typing on the computer I had a vision of a flash of light and a great hole opening in the office wall. My fellow coworkers reacted with fear at the expanding light door and started to leave their cubicles for the relative safety of the stairway.  I on the other hand was looking with wonder at the doorway waiting for the first creature to arrive, and boy did it make a splash.  A seven foot tall monstrosity covered in furs and leathers sporting a huge battle-axe.

That pretty much did it for the floor, people started screaming and running for the stairs.  Tripping over themselves as they tried to escape the unknown horror of the coming Orc Horde.  Some of my co-workers, the Gamers stared at the Orcs and knew what they were. Blinking and rubbing their eyes trying to figure out if it was a hallucination or just in their minds.

That pretty much stopped when the first person was gutted and lifted off the ground screaming, the Orcs making their first kill. It was at this point that I also ran…. I was really hoping this was something I drank….

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