Thursday, July 21, 2016

Plans within plans…

OK so I’m running into a lot of time wasters and not placing as much work as I should into my paintings.  I have two paintings now that I am working on, The Gorgon and Little Daisy and the eyes of Death.  I’m also not really working on myself as I should.  I get so caught up with everything that I start to fall of the wagon and that just leads to madness.

I still read a lot of Art Biographies and it helps to read about their lives and see what paintings they have created to spur me on to greater heights.  I just need to not distract myself with so much outside stimulus.  It’s hard with my games calling to me and Netflix having so much stuff that I want to watch; also I have very little time to spend.  UGH!   I just want to retire and put all of my time into improving my artwork and myself, but I keep on falling into traps of stagnation. Well I’m going to try a different approach this weekend and see how it goes.

Wish me luck.

Thinking of you Jeff Nachamie....hope all is well in Judo Heaven.

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