Friday, July 22, 2016

A small note to the Cosmos, a small thank you to a lost friend.

Jeff at his store in NYC
The late Professor Jeffrey Nachamie was my real father.  I was not the child of his loins; I was one of the many children he saved in the NYC ghetto.  Back in the early seventies I was lost and alone, wandering the streets of New York with no place to go.  My home and Neighborhood was such a horror show that I would leave the confines of Spanish Harlem to walk the streets of lower Manhattan in relative safety. During one of these travels I discovered a very curious Toy store, it was called General Lee Fun and it was run by Jeffrey.   I walked among the racks of old toys, comic books, and movie posters.  Jeff was kind of scary, but he had this big smile that soon had me smiling too.  I can remember him to this day; he was wearing a sweatshirt with some Japanese writing on it, reading a Doc Savage Pulp Novel and eating a sandwich.  He looked at me strangely as I looked like a small time thief at the time, but he was friendly and at the end of the day we talked about Star Wars and Micronauts.  I left to walk back home and never went back, I didn’t know it then but my Mom was moving us to Brooklyn.

Jeff with a collectible toy 

Years went by and I was going to high school in the East village and one day I was walking around looking at the shops when I came across another Toy Store, it had collectible toys, posters, and to my delight Jeffrey!  At the time Jeff didn’t remember me, I was now in my late teens.  I had grown to be a towering young man and had learned a few things about life over the years.

Jeff and I became great friends, after school I worked at his store, I joined his Judo club, and I even was hired by him when he started his own Health food store.  Jeffrey introduced me to his friends, including Marc and Roberta Grabler, and through them I found a whole host of friends.  It was because of these mutual friendships that I was able to escape the ghetto, learn about art and music, learned about being a good person, and finally became the good man and father that I am today.

Jeff and Junko at my Halloween party circa :1980s NYC

I lost track of Professor Jeffrey Nachamie over the years, having a family of my own and leaving New York City.  From what I understand he moved to Japan, took a wife and had a son.  He started the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL HAMAMATSU where he spent his final years doing what he did best, helping children.

God Bless you Jeffrey Nachamie.

I hope you have reached your deserved paradise.

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Weird WWII said...

Sounds like an awesome guy that gave you lots of great memories.

Sorry for you lost,

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