Friday, July 22, 2016

A small note to the Cosmos, a small thank you to a lost friend.

Jeff at his store in NYC
The late Professor Jeffrey Nachamie was my real father.  I was not the child of his loins; I was one of the many children he saved in the NYC ghetto.  Back in the early seventies I was lost and alone, wandering the streets of New York with no place to go.  My home and Neighborhood was such a horror show that I would leave the confines of Spanish Harlem to walk the streets of lower Manhattan in relative safety. During one of these travels I discovered a very curious Toy store, it was called General Lee Fun and it was run by Jeffrey.   I walked among the racks of old toys, comic books, and movie posters.  Jeff was kind of scary, but he had this big smile that soon had me smiling too.  I can remember him to this day; he was wearing a sweatshirt with some Japanese writing on it, reading a Doc Savage Pulp Novel and eating a sandwich.  He looked at me strangely as I looked like a small time thief at the time, but he was friendly and at the end of the day we talked about Star Wars and Micronauts.  I left to walk back home and never went back, I didn’t know it then but my Mom was moving us to Brooklyn.

Jeff with a collectible toy 

Years went by and I was going to high school in the East village and one day I was walking around looking at the shops when I came across another Toy Store, it had collectible toys, posters, and to my delight Jeffrey!  At the time Jeff didn’t remember me, I was now in my late teens.  I had grown to be a towering young man and had learned a few things about life over the years.

Jeff and I became great friends, after school I worked at his store, I joined his Judo club, and I even was hired by him when he started his own Health food store.  Jeffrey introduced me to his friends, including Marc and Roberta Grabler, and through them I found a whole host of friends.  It was because of these mutual friendships that I was able to escape the ghetto, learn about art and music, learned about being a good person, and finally became the good man and father that I am today.

Jeff and Junko at my Halloween party circa :1980s NYC

I lost track of Professor Jeffrey Nachamie over the years, having a family of my own and leaving New York City.  From what I understand he moved to Japan, took a wife and had a son.  He started the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL HAMAMATSU where he spent his final years doing what he did best, helping children.

God Bless you Jeffrey Nachamie.

I hope you have reached your deserved paradise.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Plans within plans…

OK so I’m running into a lot of time wasters and not placing as much work as I should into my paintings.  I have two paintings now that I am working on, The Gorgon and Little Daisy and the eyes of Death.  I’m also not really working on myself as I should.  I get so caught up with everything that I start to fall of the wagon and that just leads to madness.

I still read a lot of Art Biographies and it helps to read about their lives and see what paintings they have created to spur me on to greater heights.  I just need to not distract myself with so much outside stimulus.  It’s hard with my games calling to me and Netflix having so much stuff that I want to watch; also I have very little time to spend.  UGH!   I just want to retire and put all of my time into improving my artwork and myself, but I keep on falling into traps of stagnation. Well I’m going to try a different approach this weekend and see how it goes.

Wish me luck.

Thinking of you Jeff Nachamie....hope all is well in Judo Heaven.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The president of the United States, placed the country on martial law....

I had a Hell of a lot of dreams last night.

First off, I was in a future America, one that was occupied by Red China. I was in my apartment, looking out of the window, when I saw a T80 tank with the Red China star zooming down the street. sliding pass cars and every so often kicking up sparks from grinding past badly parked cars. My home looked about the same, but it was just a little more messy. This is where the dream gets very strange. I had a large spider as a pet. Not large like a Wolf Spider, but freaking Huge like a South American Bird Spider, bigger then a dinner plate, but not long and lean. it looked more like a jumping spider, with a visible face and mandibles.
it was fuzzy and had the same colors as Kieko my cat, (white/orange/black).

Anyway, The Spider was a hunter of only insects and would not harm humans. It was very careful not to show itself around knowing it's appearance would frighten people out of their minds. At this point I figured the Spider to be intelligent. The Spider started to speak to me, I'm not sure it was truly speaking or I was reading it's mind, but I heard this whispering voice tell me it was hungry. I looked all over the house for something to feed the spider, but found nothing. After a few days the Spider was going crazy with hunger and asked me to buy some mice to eat. I was about to do that when I notice an aquarium hidden in a bookshelf. It contained various insects and large millipedes. I show the Spider the insects and it jumped across the room to feed. It plucked up the large beetles and sucked them dry, working it's way across the aquarium. After it was feed, it jumped on my shoulder and sat there like a cat. it touched my face with its legs, stroking my head. It told me it's name was Debutante, and even though I had a spider the size of my head sitting on my shoulder, I was not afraid.

n : a young woman making her debut into society [syn: deb]

I have insects from another ecosystem.
Another planets life, waiting to rape our world of
all of it's resources.
I'm growing them in a jar, I can see the bugs digging and breeding and eating....
Life, waiting for the freedom I will give it.
Earth will never know what hit it. Insects from this world are not
ready for the hyper spawning, life destroying seeds that will cover all.
I grow them like children, and I wait for a sign.
A sign that the finale days are here... and I will release my plague on the world....
I will be one of the horsemen...
I will set things right...
And Gaia will have her freedom...
from the life that we have now....
And the cancer we call Man.

Why are all of my dreams covered in insects and arachnids? I was also dreaming about weird Gothic sculptures. I was walking through this strange town, it was almost like Rome. Lots of ancient ruins and sculptures of white marble. I was walking towards this library. In the front of the building were these white marble pillars with large bronze gargoyles looming over the sides. I could see from where I was standing there was more to the sculpture but I had to climb the pillar to see more. Hidden behind the large gargoyle was a bound woman. Carved into the marble, trussed up like a slave, her ankle firmly grabbed by the creature. While looking at the sculpture, I looked over my shoulder and saw the roof of the building was also covered in hidden sculptures. I climbed down from the gargoyle and made my way to the roof of the library. The whole roof was carved to look like water, bronze heads of children were wading in the white marble water at the head of the roof was a gigantic figure of Neptune with his trident. I notice a security guard walking up to the building, so I climbed down and made my way to the water front. I looked into the Sea and saw that the water was tainted with an oily substance. Somehow, I knew this Substance was the essence of a Dark God that was forming under the Library. (DREAM CHANGE!) Now I'm looking into a store front. The whole window is covered in vegetation, on the plants are multiple insects and a large brown oily looking spider (I've seen this spider in other dreams.) On one of the small trees was a large lizard, it was eating a smaller lizard tail first

Have you ever gone to school in a large city? You know the pain and fear of large institutional looking buildings. Last night I was trapped in a large school building somewhere in New York. The building was huge, dark, and damp. Pale green peeling paint covered the walls, parts of the walls were crumbling, and piles of junk covered sections of the building. I was walking alone, heading towards a large bath and shower room. half of the room was submerged in piss colored water, The place reeked of urine, and I watch in horror as the specters of children walked around the bathroom looking lost and alone. I saw a pile of beautifully carved iron gates laying in the muck and mire on the floor, and I fought the urge to steal these and save them for myself. I walked up and down the hallways looking for a way out, but I was trapped there. I've never been to this place in my real life, but I always return in my dreams. A place so real I can draw you a floor plan, a place so hellish I dread it's existence.

I was on a great sailing ship with a group of people. It had something to do with magic. We were heading to a big city and had users of magic on board. Whenever one of these wizards used their power, the words of the spell raced across the skies. They were trying to change the weather, when they caught the attentions of the overlords of the city. The overlords, sent down a large warrior to find the meddling wizards and deal with them. I was watching all of this outside, not really a player in this dream, but I got to see the mechanics of the universe in this tale. Reality is in constant decay.

Age as we know it is actually the expansion of the universe. When we get old, we are basically just falling apart. dispersing with the passage of time. It's funny as part of the dream I saw Angels and Devils playing a part of this cycle, Angels battle to keep the "everything" together (The Neen played a cameo as a white flowing Angel, working hard to save the world.) and demons dismantling the cosmos with their manipulations. I saw reality as being collective dots of matter being held by an ever increasing energy field. expanding just like the Universe, and magic, being used in the dream as an intrusive force, moving the particles to their will. The dream ended with the Wizards falling to the might of the warrior, and I found myself once again in a old Hotel. (My personal Limbo.)

I've had many dreams with Spiders, and within the last couple of years, they have all been kind and scholarly. This seems to be my totem animal, and I need to research what this all means. The occupation of Red China is scary, and I feel in the future, this and North Korea is going to affect us in the real world. mark my words. Have a Happy, I love ya all.

Last night the Moon disappeared.
I was dreaming I was walking down the street with Spooky in NYC. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been in the city, they we were trying to get to all our Favorite places. At one point we were at Saint Marks Place, and all the people walking around shopping looked up to the sky.

The Moon started glowing red, and then started pushing away from the Earth. The ground started to shake and the buildings started to crumble. We ran for the Park, and watched as the Moon just fell away. My dream move to a broader scale, and I watched as the Seas rolled over the country, drowning billions, Storms ripped at the survivors, and the sky turned black. A microscopic Black hole consumed the Moon, and was now working on the Earth… The Atmosphere boiled away to the Stars…

The president of the United States, placed the country on martial law, all civilians were ordered to go back to their homes. The Sea was dying, and we were order not to touch the water. All the sea birds were gone, all the fish were dying, and Spooky and I were in our shitty apartment in Stroudsburg. We had no food or water, no emergency supplies whatsoever. Our only weapons were old S.C.A. swords, and lots of baseball bats.

I saw children in the streets playing in the water, I saw people boarding up the windows like a storm was coming. The howling winds of change screaming in our hearts and minds, gunning for our souls…

To feast on the slow and feeble…

Is it too late to save the human race?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Death and Cindy....

Working on a new painting and putting aside the Gorgon while I clear my head. This is a "Salvation Army" frame that I picked up for $4.
Charcoal sketch 

I will post more WIP pictures while I work on it for the next few days.
Oils no more boobies....

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