Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oil Painting this morning -excuse the bad photos

Getting ready for some Oil painting this morning and I want to thank 2 people for providing me with supplies over the years. Felicia Diamant and my wife Paula. Felicia left to me her "art-bin" which had a ton of oil paints, and Paula's tenure at Pratt left her with a large collection. I went to Micheal's yesterday and picked Lind-seed oil and Thinner to start today's project.

Piles of Paints
First part: Blocking in with acrylics and now adding oils on top...

Second Part: Blocking with oils stage one, now for drying.

Second canvas being worked, waiting for the first to dry. This time I based it on a sketch of another statue completed in charcoal.

More free style here, now just have to wait the two days for it to dry to keep on working.

detail shot.
This new adventure is going to take some time, but I have good feelings about it.

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