Thursday, April 28, 2016

The girl from Nowhere

I finished this painting last night. I call it "The girl from Nowhere" My 4th Oil Painting, practice to learn how to use the medium. It's funny how hard it is, trying to be patient enough to work with these paints and to learn blending. Now to more "Fantastic" subjects....
My Camera hates my paintings....

Better angle to get rid of the light reflection.

Cheers!  More work will be posted soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Second phase of my Oil Painting Adventure.

Now that I have all of the components and the first stage of paints are down on the canvas, I’m moving on to blending.  I’ve watched a ton of Youtube videos trying to get a better understanding of what I am doing and there are a few good videos out there, I’m not finding the best description of what I should be doing.  So watching the videos and trying to copy what these artist are doing is getting me to this second phase, here are the shots.
More paint is added to the canvas and the blending is started.
Getting the lights and Dark just right, blending can take hours to complete.
More Paint has been added to this first painting, I'm still learning with this piece. 
Well,  I will post more pics once I jump back on the wagon this weekend - Cheers!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oil Painting this morning -excuse the bad photos

Getting ready for some Oil painting this morning and I want to thank 2 people for providing me with supplies over the years. Felicia Diamant and my wife Paula. Felicia left to me her "art-bin" which had a ton of oil paints, and Paula's tenure at Pratt left her with a large collection. I went to Micheal's yesterday and picked Lind-seed oil and Thinner to start today's project.

Piles of Paints
First part: Blocking in with acrylics and now adding oils on top...

Second Part: Blocking with oils stage one, now for drying.

Second canvas being worked, waiting for the first to dry. This time I based it on a sketch of another statue completed in charcoal.

More free style here, now just have to wait the two days for it to dry to keep on working.

detail shot.
This new adventure is going to take some time, but I have good feelings about it.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

T-Shirt Design Completed

Finishing up on a project I started some time ago, a T-Shirt design for a Gaming group.  The figures were sketched out on paper, scanned, and then post work was done in Paint-shop.
Orcs and Marines Looking cool!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Digital vs contemporary art

Beginning this journey has some different roads to take.  I have always been a contemporary artist, mostly acrylics, pen and ink, sketching in pencil and charcoal.  Most of my paintings are done in acrylics with some touches from different mediums; being self-taught I worked with the tools I had in hand.   Now I have more tools including my computer in which to work with,  I am tempted to go with the digital medium just because it would be an easy transition from being a PC user to jumping on the Digital bandwagon.  But even though these tools are fun and convenient, they don’t give me the tactile feeling of “performing” art.  I rather use these for post work, scanning in my pieces and adding quick effects for projects like T-Shirt designs and Graphics, but mostly I will stay away.  I want to go old school with my blossoming career, paint with oils on canvas, find old frames at garage sales and mount those pieces.  I want to have an entire wall of pre Raphaelite like pieces to enjoy, but this is going to take a ton of work.   I’ve only created two painting with oils and it’s very difficult, I’m not overly sure of the blending techniques, the processes of handling the medium, and what needs for the overall project to be completed properly.  I don’t have any issue with my artistic skills I just don’t have the schooling needed to feel confident in putting paint to canvas.  Now I do have a friend whose father is an amazing artist, I would love to sit with this man and just learn the basics of setting up my studio and what is needed to start this endeavor.  We shall see….. 
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