Friday, July 11, 2014

Private James Tyrell, personal log, Medical Ship Rising Star

By Ares, it’s all fraked here.

We were heading back to our ship, The Astarran when that damned Cylons nuked the ship. The only ship we could make it to was this medical ship “The Rising Star” We hit the flight deck with Gunney and the rest of my brothers and reported to the Captain. The Sons of Ares were assigned to security duty.
 This is totally fraked, I have no idea what’s happening here, who’s alive and what our next action is going to be. If it’s a fight, I can do that, but this seems like Armageddon, the end times, can my gun and my knife get me out of this? I’m not really sure.

I’m standing around mostly guarding important systems on the ship and walking the corridors of the ship, trying to keep the civilians locked up and out of the way of the engineers and the medical staff.
 We seem to be picking up more people from ships in the system. The higher ups aren't telling us grunts what's really going on except for Gunney, she’s keeping us in the loop with all the insanity that's running around this ship, but I’m getting the feeling that the other marine unit and the engineers don’t trust us.

 I think they are scared of our amazing combat talents. Frak….. 
 Well we seem to have reached a fleet protected by The Galactica. Good news and bad, the rumors are the colonies, the Fleet, and most of the Human race is gone. We are stuck on this ship and it seems that the crew of this ship and the political party on the ship voted to elect one of their numbers, president! This was shot down by news from the Galactica. What the Frak!

  Boarding actions with Cylons, I took a few wounds, but the med staff patched me up. We are now with the fleet and we are jumping every 33 minutes, somehow the toasters are tracking us and a Base-star seems to track us. The ship is low on air and supplies, it’s bad. We need to get the hell of this ship…

In the brig…. Somebody is going to die when I get out.

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