Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Battlestar Character

Name: James Tyrell
Homeworld: Aerilon
Traits: Smart, Officious
Patron Diety: Ares
Rank: Private

Background: You were a Private on the Heavy Cruiser Astarra, with two years of distinguished service. While on Shore Leave, you were recalled to Fleet Headquarters when the first Base-star entered the system. Within a half an hour, your elite team was ready and onboard a Raptor to head back to the Astarra. Five seconds after hitting Atmo, you saw the trails of two Nuclear Warheads hitting the Astarra. Your Raptor pilot changed course and headed for the only ship nearby...some Medical Ship called the Rising Star. Together with your unit The Son's of Ares are completely devout to the art of making war. You just hope you'll be able to find war on this medical ship. Castor's time on Aerilon as a farm mechanic has given him a good mechanical edge, as well as being experienced with mechanical engineering and explosives.  

Previously in Straight on Till Morning: The ship is a shitshow. The civilians are yammering about politics, the engineers are crying over lost men, people don’t like be railroaded into rooms during disturbances. Don’t these people know the military’s job is to keep the peace. You should keep the peace in any way you can, however it’s the end of the world and the missile is 6 seconds to impact.

You could:
·         Ally with the fleet and put these quibbling politicians in their place. The fleet is the most important thing.
·         Ally with the politicians and make it on your own. How can the cylons find one little ship in the vastness of space.

  • Keep the Sons of Ares close and plan contingency plans in case you get frakked.

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