Monday, July 7, 2014

Dexcon 17 – Another great year!

I’m just back from the convention, tired, wired, and needing some sleep, I had a great time over all. 
The first part of the convention was working with the greatest security team in the world, protecting the Convention and helping out the guests. 
On Thursday night my team of Chaos Renegades fought in the $1000 Live Space Marine Tournament. Once again we came in second, but the team did fantastically including Kelly, Matt’s wife who took many heads for the blood god. 

Team Chaos - Space Marine Tourney
On Friday I did some Larping with the nice people from Sacred Grounds, battling monsters and assassins. In the evening the Son’s of Ares joined the crew of The Rising Star in the second installment of the "Battlestar Galactica LARP - Tales of the Rising Star"
My character bio: James Tyrell Old school mercenary and soldier, now part of the Son of Ares. Because of his sarcastic manner and lightning tongue, promotions never seem to happen to this tough old dog. The only thing that keeps this warrior at bay is his brother’s calming demeanor.

In the Brig - Wrongfully accused!
We were five men strong and looked fantastic with our new Tactical outfits and patches. 
 We fought Cylons and almost made off with a Raptor. The Larp is really growing with over 75 people playing this year. 
On Saturday I ran my Horus Heresy Drop site massacre battle and had an amazing great time, three players brought enough toys for us to play for over 5 hours of Marine on marine action. 

To Battle!  Brother vs. Brother!

Hold the lines, Brothers!

Super Heavy taking the board!

Mysterious xeno artifact on the board, what for????

You have 20 seconds to comply...

Heavy weapons walk on the wrong side of the tracks!

Keep on firing!!!

Surrounded and destroyed!

Battle of two titans!

Jet bikes take the trenches!
The Loyalist staying in the game till the end, even though I through a unending horde of traitors at them. In the evening I played the Apocalypse battle Man vs. Machine with about 10 other gamers and over 30,000 points of miniatures, it was great fun over all. 
Titans and Grey Knights take the field!

Cool enemy Titan

Destroy the Gargaunt!

Stompers - Mellow Yellow and Rust Bucket

Blood Pact and Legio Mortis!

Destroyed by me, burn!

Vortex Missile!

And a walk in from Gypsy Danger, from the Pacific Rim Larp! 

Eldar Knight vs. the Baron and the Lord of blood!

Both die in the battle!

World's ugliest Ork Titan!

I will miss everybody, great friends and great times were had.

Till next year! – Cheers!

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