Friday, July 11, 2014

Private James Tyrell, personal log, Medical Ship Rising Star

By Ares, it’s all fraked here.

We were heading back to our ship, The Astarran when that damned Cylons nuked the ship. The only ship we could make it to was this medical ship “The Rising Star” We hit the flight deck with Gunney and the rest of my brothers and reported to the Captain. The Sons of Ares were assigned to security duty.
 This is totally fraked, I have no idea what’s happening here, who’s alive and what our next action is going to be. If it’s a fight, I can do that, but this seems like Armageddon, the end times, can my gun and my knife get me out of this? I’m not really sure.

I’m standing around mostly guarding important systems on the ship and walking the corridors of the ship, trying to keep the civilians locked up and out of the way of the engineers and the medical staff.
 We seem to be picking up more people from ships in the system. The higher ups aren't telling us grunts what's really going on except for Gunney, she’s keeping us in the loop with all the insanity that's running around this ship, but I’m getting the feeling that the other marine unit and the engineers don’t trust us.

 I think they are scared of our amazing combat talents. Frak….. 
 Well we seem to have reached a fleet protected by The Galactica. Good news and bad, the rumors are the colonies, the Fleet, and most of the Human race is gone. We are stuck on this ship and it seems that the crew of this ship and the political party on the ship voted to elect one of their numbers, president! This was shot down by news from the Galactica. What the Frak!

  Boarding actions with Cylons, I took a few wounds, but the med staff patched me up. We are now with the fleet and we are jumping every 33 minutes, somehow the toasters are tracking us and a Base-star seems to track us. The ship is low on air and supplies, it’s bad. We need to get the hell of this ship…

In the brig…. Somebody is going to die when I get out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Battlestar Character

Name: James Tyrell
Homeworld: Aerilon
Traits: Smart, Officious
Patron Diety: Ares
Rank: Private

Background: You were a Private on the Heavy Cruiser Astarra, with two years of distinguished service. While on Shore Leave, you were recalled to Fleet Headquarters when the first Base-star entered the system. Within a half an hour, your elite team was ready and onboard a Raptor to head back to the Astarra. Five seconds after hitting Atmo, you saw the trails of two Nuclear Warheads hitting the Astarra. Your Raptor pilot changed course and headed for the only ship nearby...some Medical Ship called the Rising Star. Together with your unit The Son's of Ares are completely devout to the art of making war. You just hope you'll be able to find war on this medical ship. Castor's time on Aerilon as a farm mechanic has given him a good mechanical edge, as well as being experienced with mechanical engineering and explosives.  

Previously in Straight on Till Morning: The ship is a shitshow. The civilians are yammering about politics, the engineers are crying over lost men, people don’t like be railroaded into rooms during disturbances. Don’t these people know the military’s job is to keep the peace. You should keep the peace in any way you can, however it’s the end of the world and the missile is 6 seconds to impact.

You could:
·         Ally with the fleet and put these quibbling politicians in their place. The fleet is the most important thing.
·         Ally with the politicians and make it on your own. How can the cylons find one little ship in the vastness of space.

  • Keep the Sons of Ares close and plan contingency plans in case you get frakked.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dexcon 17 – Another great year!

I’m just back from the convention, tired, wired, and needing some sleep, I had a great time over all. 
The first part of the convention was working with the greatest security team in the world, protecting the Convention and helping out the guests. 
On Thursday night my team of Chaos Renegades fought in the $1000 Live Space Marine Tournament. Once again we came in second, but the team did fantastically including Kelly, Matt’s wife who took many heads for the blood god. 

Team Chaos - Space Marine Tourney
On Friday I did some Larping with the nice people from Sacred Grounds, battling monsters and assassins. In the evening the Son’s of Ares joined the crew of The Rising Star in the second installment of the "Battlestar Galactica LARP - Tales of the Rising Star"
My character bio: James Tyrell Old school mercenary and soldier, now part of the Son of Ares. Because of his sarcastic manner and lightning tongue, promotions never seem to happen to this tough old dog. The only thing that keeps this warrior at bay is his brother’s calming demeanor.

In the Brig - Wrongfully accused!
We were five men strong and looked fantastic with our new Tactical outfits and patches. 
 We fought Cylons and almost made off with a Raptor. The Larp is really growing with over 75 people playing this year. 
On Saturday I ran my Horus Heresy Drop site massacre battle and had an amazing great time, three players brought enough toys for us to play for over 5 hours of Marine on marine action. 

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