Friday, June 6, 2014

W.I.P. of Lord of Skulls

W.I.P. of Lord of Skulls, three coats of bronze, gold, and silver paint. 
Washed with wood stain, drying for Saturdays paint-fest. 
Gamer Cat approves!
Apocalypse the Gamer Cat. 

Still waiting for this to dry, I use a cheap alternative to Null oil, furniture stain, I get a huge can for the same price as the Games Workshop product. 

This is a total resin Lord of Skulls purchase for cheap from China.  Some of the casting was bent and a little damaged, but at $40 bucks I can fix that. 

Here is the Lord with the Dream Forge Leviathans as a comparison.  I’m using the  Leviathans as War-hounds at Dexcon 17.
 Here are some shots of My Horus Heresy Characters I will be using during my Game at Dexcon




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