Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Horus Heresy battle with Jarrett

Hey gang,
Just had my first battle utilizing my newly painted forces.  We decided to do a drop site massacre battle.
Jarrett had The World Eaters, The Death Guard, and three Super heavy battle tanks plus tons of defenses.
I had The Emperor's Children with a Reaver Titan in reserve.  Jarrett just had to survive seven turns,

The Battle was tons of fun lasting only five turns because the Reaver went supernova and killed almost all of the armies except for Jarrett's super heavies and three infantry.
Some vids and photos below.

Here are some pictures after the battery in the camera died.
Death Guard and Emperor's children slug it out in the ruins

One of the Death Guard Super Heavies taking a hunter seeker missile.

The Emperor's children arrive

The Sons of Mortarian Hold the city.

"keep on firing!"

Quake Cannon away!

Looking for the Titan to arrive.

Sentry gun takes down some infantry, thank the machine spirit.

Melta gun bikes vs Super Heavy

Apothecary helps out a great deal.

The Titan Has arrived!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Another Horus Heresy Picture Post

This time Death Guard and a scratch built Super Heavy Tank.  The tank is based on the 1980's Mobat GI Joe tank.  The Figs are also old, OOP Metal Nurgle marines.
Here are the shots:

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