Monday, December 16, 2013

Titan Project Part One

Greetings Chaos Cultist!

Well I have received the Titan from

Here's the original model from the Epic range!

and it looks fantastic!  The cast of the Titan was very clean, a white clean resin.  Flash lines were nonexistent and all the pieces were solid and very heavy.  The kit in itself is for the very experience modeler, because of the size and weight of the resin I had to pin almost all of the pieces and use a good epoxy to keep this model together.  

I’m going to add more details to this model as it has joined Horus during the crusade and has started to worship the great God Nurgle.  I’m also going to add some bracing in the form of cables and chains to give it more of a barbaric feel.  Building the model is just the beginning of my adventure with this impressive model, please stay tuned!

Volcano Cannons and Plasma Destroyer

Legs and hip armor

The whole kit


Weird WWII said...

Brings me back to my Second Edition days!

Great find!

slobberblood said...

Thanks Brian, I can't wait to get the details on this puppy!

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