Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter project: Titans for Dexcon

Hey Chaos Cultists,
I’m going to start a new project this winter since I came into a little money. Since I can’t afford a Forge World Titan or purchase an Armorcast Reaver Titan on EBay for cheap I’ve been on the lookout for scratch built titan plans or some other resource for Titans. Low and behold I’ve found an artist who makes his own version of the Imperial Titan. Please check out:

He’s a sculptor who makes an eclectic collection of models from skeletons to weird large woman. One of the models is called “Reaper Titanic War-Walker” and is a fantastic stand in for the Reaver Titan. I will be purchasing this bad boy in the beginning of December. I will post pictures and do some videos on the project. Here are some shots of the model from the site.

 - Cheers!

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