Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tau VS Eldar, or how I got my ass kicked

Well I fought my first battle with the Eldar vs Tau yesterday and learned a few things.
1) I don’t know how to play Eldar.
2) I always forget my jink/holo saves.
3) Hammer and anvil sucks ass, especially when you have only two vehicles.
4) Fighting three to four Riptides is ridicules.
5) 2 fights and I lost both, first battle, Hammer and anvil I was tabled. and another a Tau mission also lost due to points but I least I got to kill some things. Pictures after the jump.
"Hey Phil, I'm not going to make any saves this battle, how about you?"

My new Farseer

My Spiders were the best in game.

Ken's "Ninja Tau"  paint your figures dude!

War-walkers did well too

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