Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for Dexcon Part 2

I have a week! ARRGH! So this year I'm not really doing any tournaments I'm just playing for the fun of it. There are 3 events during my two day stay that I will be playing I'm going to take them one at a time.

Chaos Land Raider Spam coming at you!
First off : Warhammer 40,000; "King of the Hill". In this scenario, players will bring 2,500 points of legal armies and attempt to capture the objective in the center of the game board. Whoever gets 5 individual models within 3 inches of the objective wins. If more than one player meets the objective, the one with more individual models that meets the criteria wins. The board will be double sized (6' x 8'), and Apocalypse class models are acceptable (if possibly irrelevant). Note: New 6th Edition Rules will be used.
This sounds like a lot of fun, my first thoughts would be a huge Chaos Space Marine force,  with Land Raiders, Nurgle Bikers, Terminators, and possible Chaos Demon allies.  

Second up: Warhammer 40,000/Battlefleet Gothic; "OBLIVION 2013: Man vs. Machine" presented by Michael Curran & Brad Whiting. A DEXCON 16 EXCLUSIVE! This gigantic mega-battle will consist of the entire ARENA combined with a simultaneous Battlefleet Gothic ship combat. "Help us, we have awakened the spirit in all of them and they have turned on us! They must be stopped before the spirit spreads! They're constructing ships... No! No! AGGGH..." This was the last distress call transmission from the Forge World of Accatran. Several patrol ships were dispatched but once they entered the system all contact was lost. Accatran is the Adeptus Mechanicus' primary research facility for finding weaknesses in alien technology through study of captured equipment, tanks and titans. Accatran is also a center of Khamrians, machine spirit, research and how to affect the machine spirits of alien machines. We are sending a fleet to investigate but our sensors show other races are sending forces to investigate also. You must determine the nature of the emergency and contain it for the betterment of the Imperium. Bring armies of any race or use our miniatures, and take part in one of the largest battles in the history of wargaming!
This is the HUGE Apocalypse battle, I will pretty much bring everything for this.  My Chaos horde will   include Titans, Super heavy Tanks, The Nurgle Tower of Pus, and Land Raider Spam!
The Next one is very interesting: Warhammer 40,000; "Imperial Island Defense" presented by Michael Curran. A huge enemy host is defending the beach and the Alliance has gathered on an off shore island for an invasion. Unfortunately, the enemy's force fields prevent Alliance deep strikes. In addition, enemy patrol boats roam the waters and their long-range cannons have found their mark and are pounding home. Time to move out... The Alliance must knock out the force field's power generators and secure the beach. Bring your entire army. If you have amphibious vehicles bring them - you'll need 'em. VDR vehicles encouraged - especially amphibious vehicles and fliers. Emphasis is on tactical team work and fun! This is a "non-standard mission" - special rules apply. Models must be painted (primer is not paint) and WYSIWYG (no proxies). Please have your models organized and know the point value on arrival!
Wow 40K D-Day!  This one is going to be a little difficult with the WYSIWYG rule, I can only think of going with the Eldar as I have 6 skimmers that can make it over the water, I might use Space marine allies to bring long range support.   

So that's my plans and will be posting an after the Con report for sure.

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