Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Angels VS Chaos Marines

The traitors made land fall at the Delta sector at 1400 hours, 2000 points of Khorne and Nurgle troops looking to protect a fallen idol in that section Lead by Ahriman. We had also brought an idol, the Holy Angel of Caliban, this we planned to protect with all of our might and with the leadership of Azrael, we would see it through! The Battlefield was a long road for all, I had stationed my 12 Raven-Wing Bikers by the Idol, and units of Devastators were perch on a building to provide fire support. The Tanks held the line, a Land Raider and a Vindicator at the battle field edge. In reserve, a mighty host of Death-wing Terminators lead by Belial, plus a Nephilim Jet Fighter flying high in the skies.

WIP Bikers

The great enemy made their move, a unit of Thousand Sons and Raptors charged forward trying to bog down the attacking Raven-Wing Bikers. The Thousand Sons firing their enchanted guns to no avail. The Raptors faced the wraith of the Vindicator, with bomb and bullet taking many. The Bikers moved forward support by the great Land Raider, Azrael inside sending commands to the rest of the army. The traitors send their iron demons machines forward, a Forgefiend and a demon possessed Vindicator looking for souls to eat. Ahriman and a squad of Chaos marines moved towards the evil idol, a group of Havocs taking cover in a nearby ruin.

The units of Thousand Sons and Raptors tried to move forward, taking hits from bolter fire and missile. The Thousand Sons finally losing all of their men but the Raptors making it to the line of speeding bikers. Close combat was fierce, but to no avail, dust and blood blocking the sight of all combatants.

The battle lasted for many hours, with the arrival of the Raven-Wing and the Nephilim Jet Fighter the chaos forces were driven back, the lost of both Ahriman and Belial to a challenge brought anger and sadness to their armies. The win for this battle was to go to the light, The Dark Angels crushing the foes of the golden throne.

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Simon Q said...

Nice batrep and AAR.

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