Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark Angel’s last stand on Beta 9

I had a great game with my friend Andy on Sunday; it was a 2000 point battle Tyranids verses Dark Angels. We rolled for the game Vanguard Strike with Purge the Alien as the war mission. I had Azrael in a Land Raider, Belial leading a force of 10 Terminators, 12 Bikes with Plasma Guns and Melta Guns, a Vindicator, and a Nephilim Jet Fighter. Andy had “ A WHOLE LOT OF BUGS!”. It was a very close game and I won by ONE point, 6 to 5, Pretty much everything was eaten except Azrael, his Land Raider and a Nephilim fighter. Here are some photos…
Old  School Hive Guard

Tanks lay in wait for the coming horde.


Boss Bugs are coming!

More bugs...

And even more bugs....

Ummmm guys? Can we shoot now???

What was left after my bikes took shooting from all the Boss bugs!


I think we are going to make it!

Maybe NOT! Belias last stand!

Que "Ride of the Valkyries"

It lived, but lost a hull point.

No more Vindicator.
Thanks for reading! - Cheers!!!

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