Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Battle-scape commission

Hey Chaos Cultists,

This weekend I had the pleasure of finishing up a commission piece for my friend Ken.  He's trying to get a snow table together and needed three pieces of scenery done for it.  I offer my assistance and here is the outcome.
The first thing I did was prime the pieces and add re-bar to the ruins

Because Ken is a Grey Knights player I made the ruined Rhino a Chaos vehicle. 

I then used dark and light grey for the base

Here I'm adding some dark ink and washes plus the dry brush.
here I've started with rust effects

adding snow flock and rust

testing out the ruins with some OOP Dark Angels

almost done

Khorne troops try out the new Battle Scape

Here i used crackle resin to represent Ice

Thanks for looking!


Simon Q said...

Superb I like how well the rust effect has come out on the metal parts, Very realistic looking

Mattias Darrow said...

Those look awesome! Very grim. The only thing that might add to the realism is if you add some snow and ice to the bottom of the crater.

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