Friday, December 27, 2013

Reaver Titan project: Blocking colors

Hey Chaos Cultists! I've just spent yesterday evening blocking in colors for the Reaver Titan "Magog". I'm using my airbrush to lay down the colors and set the tone for the upcoming work. I'm using Spectra Tex colors from A.C. Moore and they seem to be working well. Pictures after the jump.
I've used black, green, and iron for the blocking.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Titan Project Part Two

Greetings Chaos Cultist! 

 I’m working on the next phase of my titan project. Right now I’m mutating the hell out of the Titan. Instead of using very expensive "green Stuff" I'm using JB’s water-weld. With its 25 minute cure time it gives me enough time to sculpt the Nurgle growths. I’m also adding resin skulls, corpses, and wiring. Please see pics below.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Titan Project Part One

Greetings Chaos Cultist!

Well I have received the Titan from

Here's the original model from the Epic range!

and it looks fantastic!  The cast of the Titan was very clean, a white clean resin.  Flash lines were nonexistent and all the pieces were solid and very heavy.  The kit in itself is for the very experience modeler, because of the size and weight of the resin I had to pin almost all of the pieces and use a good epoxy to keep this model together.  

I’m going to add more details to this model as it has joined Horus during the crusade and has started to worship the great God Nurgle.  I’m also going to add some bracing in the form of cables and chains to give it more of a barbaric feel.  Building the model is just the beginning of my adventure with this impressive model, please stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter project: Titans for Dexcon

Hey Chaos Cultists,
I’m going to start a new project this winter since I came into a little money. Since I can’t afford a Forge World Titan or purchase an Armorcast Reaver Titan on EBay for cheap I’ve been on the lookout for scratch built titan plans or some other resource for Titans. Low and behold I’ve found an artist who makes his own version of the Imperial Titan. Please check out:

He’s a sculptor who makes an eclectic collection of models from skeletons to weird large woman. One of the models is called “Reaper Titanic War-Walker” and is a fantastic stand in for the Reaver Titan. I will be purchasing this bad boy in the beginning of December. I will post pictures and do some videos on the project. Here are some shots of the model from the site.

 - Cheers!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I’m sorry Chaos Cultists

I've been busy with real life and have had no time for modeling and gaming.  Hopefully once the winter starts I will have some free time to get back into the Hobby.  So here, have another great picture of Lady Death….
I will post soon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

AUGUST Projects Pics only

Optimus Prime as Wraith Knight!

My Wife calls it my Gaybot

Optimus Prime as Wraith Knight!

Walkers and Lords OOP

Walkers and Lords OOP

OOP WraithLord trying to match my Tron guys

Support troops OOP

Disco Support

Very cool Heavy weapon

Bloodthirster from my friend Vinny

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tau VS Eldar, or how I got my ass kicked

Well I fought my first battle with the Eldar vs Tau yesterday and learned a few things.
1) I don’t know how to play Eldar.
2) I always forget my jink/holo saves.
3) Hammer and anvil sucks ass, especially when you have only two vehicles.
4) Fighting three to four Riptides is ridicules.
5) 2 fights and I lost both, first battle, Hammer and anvil I was tabled. and another a Tau mission also lost due to points but I least I got to kill some things. Pictures after the jump.
"Hey Phil, I'm not going to make any saves this battle, how about you?"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dexcon 16 – Still a great place to play.

Hey Chaos Cultists,
Sorry for the delay but I’ve been back from Dexcon for about three days now.  With all the gaming it took a long time to recuperate.  I did play 90 % of the games I wanted to play, I did some different things this time out including a Battlestar Galactic LARP and the $1000 Live Action Space Marine tournament, but I will talk about those later.  The main games I wanted to play in were the Warhammer 40K Arena Apocalypse  battles.   The first was being “everybody VS the Orks!”  Literally 100,000 points of Orks VS the world,   I of course brought my Chaos Horde including three Titans and a ton of vehicles.  My Allies were mostly Imperial and Eldar forces, included in the battle were some cool VDR vehicles and two Capitol Imperialis Super heavies.  Here are the pics
Ork Titans - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Our forces meeting the Orks head on - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Our forces meeting the Orks head on - Photos by Eric Krofchak

The Blood Pact take point!  - Photos by Eric Krofchak

My new Khorne Land Raider - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Our forces meeting the Orks head on - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Titan vs Terminators! - Photos by Eric Krofchak

The Ork Command - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Capitol Imperialis - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Capitol Imperialis - Photos by Eric Krofchak

Capitol Imperialis - Photos by Eric Krofchak

I also fought in the “King of the Hill Battle” which I won and “Man VS Machine” where I had the pleasure of destroying many Titans.  The Battlestar Galactic LARP was very fun, I’m not a real LARP person, but I love Battlestar Galactic so I wanted to give it a try.
Blood Pact Captain
Battlestar Galactic LARP The Sons of Ares

The $1000 Live Action Space Marine tournament was a ton of fun, a real life scale 40K game with Bolters and scenery, dice rolls made by electronics in the Bolters and armor saves being made that way as well.  My Team, the Emperor’s Irregulars came in second, so close.  Over all it was a great time I can’t wait for next year! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ready for Dexcon 16

OK, I’m packed for the Convention!
For the unlimited Apocalypse battles I’m going with: the following

5 Chaos Land Raiders.

25 Terminators

2 Vindicators

2 Hell-Drakes

1 Baneblade

1 SUPER Bane Blade (stand in for Reaver Titan)

2 Chaos Reaver Titans

2 Warhound Titans

The Demon Prince Angron

4 Bloodthirsters

1 Nurgle Demon Prince

And here is the list for the 2 tournaments I’m going to play.

Abaddon the Despoiler    Terminator armor   Drach'nyen   Talon of Horus   Eternal Warrior   Independent   Mark of chaos   Vet   Champion   Chosen are troops       265
Blood Thister    Deamon of Khorne   Deep strike   exalted rewards   instability   280
7 Chosen , 1    2 more troops   2 lightning claws   Power Fist   2 power weapons   Mark of Nurgle   Chaos Rhino   Plasma Pistol   Power Weapon   Melta Bombs      268
7 Chosen, 1    2 more troops   2 lightning claws   Power Fist   2 power weapons   Mark of Nurgle   Chaos Rhino   Plasma Pistol   Power Weapon                    263
Agis Defence Line, 1    quad gun                                                 100
Plaguebearers (13), 1    3 more troops   Plague Banner                            137
5 Chaos Terminators, 1    Reaper   Land Raider    Champion   Combi Melta 1   Power Weapons   Twin Linked Bolter 2   Combi Flamer 1   2 more Troops                  422

Fast Attack      
6 Chaos Bikers, 1    3 more bikes   Plasma Gun   power weapon   Mark of Nurgle                                        197
Flesh Hounds 5, 1    Collar of Khorne                                         80

Heavy Support      
Chaos Land Raiders, 1    Dirge Caster                                             235
Chaos Vindicator, 1    Combi Bolter                                             125
Chaos Vindicator, 1    Combi Bolter                                             125
Points Summary:      
HQ:    545  
Troops:    768  
Elites:    422  
Fast Attack:    277  
Heavy Support:    485  
Total:    2497  

- Cheers and see you there! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for Dexcon Part 2

I have a week! ARRGH! So this year I'm not really doing any tournaments I'm just playing for the fun of it. There are 3 events during my two day stay that I will be playing I'm going to take them one at a time.

Chaos Land Raider Spam coming at you!
First off : Warhammer 40,000; "King of the Hill". In this scenario, players will bring 2,500 points of legal armies and attempt to capture the objective in the center of the game board. Whoever gets 5 individual models within 3 inches of the objective wins. If more than one player meets the objective, the one with more individual models that meets the criteria wins. The board will be double sized (6' x 8'), and Apocalypse class models are acceptable (if possibly irrelevant). Note: New 6th Edition Rules will be used.
This sounds like a lot of fun, my first thoughts would be a huge Chaos Space Marine force,  with Land Raiders, Nurgle Bikers, Terminators, and possible Chaos Demon allies.  

Second up: Warhammer 40,000/Battlefleet Gothic; "OBLIVION 2013: Man vs. Machine" presented by Michael Curran & Brad Whiting. A DEXCON 16 EXCLUSIVE! This gigantic mega-battle will consist of the entire ARENA combined with a simultaneous Battlefleet Gothic ship combat. "Help us, we have awakened the spirit in all of them and they have turned on us! They must be stopped before the spirit spreads! They're constructing ships... No! No! AGGGH..." This was the last distress call transmission from the Forge World of Accatran. Several patrol ships were dispatched but once they entered the system all contact was lost. Accatran is the Adeptus Mechanicus' primary research facility for finding weaknesses in alien technology through study of captured equipment, tanks and titans. Accatran is also a center of Khamrians, machine spirit, research and how to affect the machine spirits of alien machines. We are sending a fleet to investigate but our sensors show other races are sending forces to investigate also. You must determine the nature of the emergency and contain it for the betterment of the Imperium. Bring armies of any race or use our miniatures, and take part in one of the largest battles in the history of wargaming!
This is the HUGE Apocalypse battle, I will pretty much bring everything for this.  My Chaos horde will   include Titans, Super heavy Tanks, The Nurgle Tower of Pus, and Land Raider Spam!
The Next one is very interesting: Warhammer 40,000; "Imperial Island Defense" presented by Michael Curran. A huge enemy host is defending the beach and the Alliance has gathered on an off shore island for an invasion. Unfortunately, the enemy's force fields prevent Alliance deep strikes. In addition, enemy patrol boats roam the waters and their long-range cannons have found their mark and are pounding home. Time to move out... The Alliance must knock out the force field's power generators and secure the beach. Bring your entire army. If you have amphibious vehicles bring them - you'll need 'em. VDR vehicles encouraged - especially amphibious vehicles and fliers. Emphasis is on tactical team work and fun! This is a "non-standard mission" - special rules apply. Models must be painted (primer is not paint) and WYSIWYG (no proxies). Please have your models organized and know the point value on arrival!
Wow 40K D-Day!  This one is going to be a little difficult with the WYSIWYG rule, I can only think of going with the Eldar as I have 6 skimmers that can make it over the water, I might use Space marine allies to bring long range support.   

So that's my plans and will be posting an after the Con report for sure.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting Ready For Dexcon 16

On the Fourth of July weekend, I will be traveling down to New Jersey to once again take part in some of the largest Apocalypse battles being held on the East coast. My Friend Brad runs two major games including “everybody VS the Orks” and a planetary siege which includes almost all the elements of Warhammer 40K. I will be bringing my entire host of homemade Titans and almost all of my Chaos vehicles. My troops will be mostly Terminators and Demons, the Blood pact will also make a show. I was going to make another Titan, but with time constraints I’ve made an “OGRE” size battle tank to stand in as a Titan Killer. Pictures are below.
This Tank started life as a $10.00 Big Lots Toy!

Las Cannons, Missile launchers, Apocolyse Launchers, Destroyer Cannon!

It's really big!

Will stand in as a Reaver Titan

Thanks for looking!
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