Monday, August 20, 2012

On the Table - Chaos Berserkers WIP

Hey Chaos Cultists,

Just a quick update, I'm working on some Khorne Chaos Berserkers for the soon to be released Chaos Codex. I'm going a different route with these.  I'm using Chaos Marauder weapons and bits, Space wolf bodies, and chaos marine heads to get a unique look for my troops. take a look:

They have a closer look to the new Chaos Marines coming out soon.  (you know those leaked pictures!)  I can't wait to paint them!
- Cheers!

For Brummie, more leaked shots of the Box set.


Brummie said...

Looking good. these leaked pics are they supposed to be new Chaos mini's or new mini's for a 40k boxed set?

jakaalvile said...

Thanks! The Boxed Set.

Lord Siwoc said...

Ooooh!!! These are great! Kitbashing is wonderfull.

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