Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heretic Sentinels and Lightning Strike Completed.

Hey Chaos Cultists, Here are the shots of my latest finished models for my Blood Pact Army.  Please forgive the bad pictures, just not getting good shots today.

This is my scratch build for the Lightning Strike variant, I based it on a 48TH scale P51 model.   

The Lightning is mainly used by the Imperial Navy for establishing air superiority due to its increased maneuverability over the Thunderbolt. It is often seen and heard plummeting from orbit or being scrambled from naval bases.

The STC data for the Lightning was discovered during the Saint-Saen Crusade, which liberated twelve worlds in Segmentum Obscurus. They were found on Karnak II by an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator team and the designs immediately given to the Mechanicus Lords of Cypra Mundi. It would take over 500 years of research and trials, including readings of the Emperor's Tarot and cross-referencing with the archives of Mars, before the designs were finally approved for production in supplying fleet carriers and cruisers of Battlefleet Obscurus. Since then the designs have slowly been disseminated to the Navy worlds of Bakka and Hydraphur and Lightnings are now commonly seen alongside the Thunderbolt in both Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Pacificus.

That's a anti-grave generator on the side there. Old found Tech.

Standard armament for the Lightning is a long barrelled ventral-mounted Autocannon and twin-linked Lascannons on the wing tips. Four wing hardpoints allows it to carry up to four Hellstrike Missiles, Hellfury Missiles, Bombs or six Skystrike Missiles. Other standard systems includes a pair of Parallax tracking augers located in the nose section, while many will mount additional equipment.
- Cheers!


Ironworker said...

Looking good! Have you thought about putting some kind of squared off cowling over the nose of the aircraft?

slobberblood said...

Hey Ironworker, Thanks for the nice comments! I was going to hit it with a little more paint, but I wasn't planning anything else on.

Brummie said...

Nice job on the walkers and that plane looks awesome.

Have you read Double Eagle by Dan Abnett. Loved that book

slobberblood said...

Brummie I've read a good portion of his books, but not that one.

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