Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the Table - Heretic Sentinels - WIP

Hey there Chaos Cultists!
I was taking a break after the Convention to get my stuff together but now I’m at it again. Here are some shots of my Heretic Sentinels for my Blood Pact Army. I know they only have 2 hull points in the new edition but I don’t care. I play for fun and I’m sure they are going to do well. Here are the WIP shots!
This Heretic is leaning towards Nurgle

The squadron of Evil

I wanted to get a barbaric look for these walkers...

Blood Pact colors for this guy

Old school Plasma Cannon

Old school Plasma Cannon

I'm using the Wargames Factory head for the pilots. 
- Cheers and thanks for looking!


Brummie said...

Nice conversions, the pilot is a perfect selection

Maxamillian Walker said...

really like the plasma cannon, cool conversions!

Drew said...

Looks really good. Love that you are using the Wargames Factory heads for the drivers and changing them up a bit.


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