Sunday, July 1, 2012

First 6TH Edition Battle Sunday!

Greetings Chaos Cultist!
Well, I just finished playing my first couple of battles for 6TH edition Warhammer 40k. We had two battles, the first was more of a run of the rules at 500 points test. My friend Jeff ran Blood Angels and ran Nurgle Marines with Khorne berserkers. I beat Jeff soundly with my Demon Prince taking most of the kills. The new flyer rules are just out of control, the Demon being able to fly 24 inches across the board in the beginning and the new vector strike rule won the day for me. My second battle went very poorly; it was 2000 points of my Nurgle Forces vs. Ken’s Grey Knights. His force just generates so much shooting/fire power it’s hard to keep on rolling those saves, and now with the feel no pain at a 5+ it’s very different. But, it was a really fun game. Here are some photos of the Mayhem. - Cheers
Yummy Blood Angel Snacks!

Routed by Nurgle Forces:  Run Away!

Dual to the Death!

Hammer strike!

Leave my friend alone!

Love you buddy!

Waiting for the battle to begin

Heavy weapons and Rhinos 

More Heavy Weapons

Grey Knight Scum.

More Grey Knight Scum!

I'm coming for you!

Glanced to death, hull points will change this game drastically.

Grey Knights move up in mass.

Hold your ground!

Hull points take a beating from Auto Cannons

Beaming in for Combat!

The Jarv

OOP Khorne Berserkers 

Screen the heavy guns!

36 inch move and fire all your weapons? Why yes!!!

Jim's in trouble, Hee Hee!

Bringing down the Whirlwind!

I hope the flyer doesn't see me!


The Man Cave


Lord Siwoc said...

I have yet to read the book.

Love some of those old school marines!!!

Brummie said...

Indeed nice pics of those RT Traitors, Great mancave!

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