Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back from Dexcon 15

Greetings Chaos Cultists!

I’m back from Dexcon 15 and boy I’m I tired! I had a great time with old and new friends, fought some fantastic battles, saw some amazing armies, and over all had a great old time. Dexcon is a five day gaming convention held at the Hyatt Hotel in Morristown New Jersey every summer. The nice people over at Double exposure throw the event and this year it had over 1000 pre-registered gamers! They play all kinds of games there including D&D, board games, Poker, and my favorite, Wargames! I wish I could have done the full week but I could only attend the weekend session. I drove down Friday night got set up in a room with my friends The Three Skulls Security Unit, and signed up for the first ever Nova Open at Dexcon. The games ran in two sessions, 4 rounds on Saturday and 5 rounds on Sunday. I had only time enough to play in five games, doing well enough to place 8th out of 16 players. I also signed up for the Mega Apocalypse battle on Saturday night.

The Nova Open:
This was my first ever 40K tournament. The rules were official Nova Open rules, the games were standardized with the same table scenery and rules. You had to bring a 2000 point force; I used my Chaos Space marines list that I posted about. There was a good mix of players and armies; I personally fought against Grey Knights, Chaos, a Terminator Raven Wing army, and two Ork Hordes. I learned a lot of really import lessons playing these games, the first being do lots of research, research, and more research on your opponents and their special traits’. I was blindsided by a lot of special rules and the abilities for a good portion of these armies, all except the Orks.
With Grey Knights, stacking psychic powers can really help your game when it comes to close combat! See the Video below:

With Chaos I learned the worth of a Slannesh Sorcerer and the power: Lash of Submission, when said Sorcerer pulled my entire Havoc squad out of cover and into the waiting guns of the Obliterators!
With The Raven wing, Terminators can be killed with Bolters, lots of Bolters, and with Orks, well, just stay away from them and hope they don’t roll well when shooting the millions of guns they have!
My first game was against a Grey Knight Player, George, a really nice guy and a mean dice roller. (He’s in the above video.) The following picture shows pretty much what happened to me.

Those crazy assassins!

Rhinos, Land Raiders, and Grey Knights, Oh MY!

"Keep on Shooting you Maggots!"

Not looking well for Nurgle

I hate this guy!

My second game was against Brad, a Raven Wing player with a very unique army.

He uses Dragons as his Land Speeders and runs almost all Terminators. It’s was a close fight but Brad had a lot a bad dice rolls and his Terminators fell to many a bolter shell.
Boy, do I miss Jeff's Craters!

Please... More Terminators! YES!

"sorry we had to kill your squad dude, Stuff happens!"

"Hard Candy with soft innards!"

"Oops! Wrong door!" blamblamblamkapowbing!

"Well that went well!"

Cool Dragon Speeder, under the belly strapped on Multi Melta and Missles!

My third and fourth games were both against Orks. Eric and Joe were really great dudes, very friendly and fun to play with; I had both a win and a loss with these battles. (Eric’s battle only took an hour but we rushed everything so we could get to the Apocalypse battle at 8PM.

"hold the line boys!"

"Get away from the Choppa's!!!"

Mega Nobs Vs Demons and Nurgle Marines!

"Hit them Hard boys!"

The Apocalypse was 9 hours long and was a blast. I got to field almost all of my Chaos vehicles and Terminators, and all of my super heavies. The following are some of the great models and armies that took place in the carnage.

Here are some shots of some fantastic armies:

Alright I'm done for now, maybe more pictures later - Cheers!
Oh Noes!!! My Titan!!!

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Brummie said...

Looks like you had a blast. Some nice unique looking armies and units. Thanks for sharing its good to see what people get upto

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