Thursday, July 5, 2012

Almost Time for WAR!

Totally packed, just need to complete one more day of work and I'm off Friday. Just need to print some PDFs for the Convention.

These are the T-Shirts I hand Painted for the Convention!

My Army for the Tournament:
Daemon Prince Mark Of Nurgle: 
Wings, Warp Time, Fearless, Eternal Warrior,  :175

(X3) Plague Marines , 7 per squad
Champion, Power Weapon, Melta Guns (x2), Rhino, :246
(1) Khorne Berzerkers , 10
Champion, Power Weapon, Personal Icon, Melta Bombs :250

CSM Terminators , 7 
Reaper Auto Cannon, Champions X 3,  Combi Melta (1), Power Weapons, Twin Linked Bolter (5), Combi Flamer (1) :275

Heavy Support
Havocs ,
Auto Cannon Auto Cannon Auto Cannon Missile Launcher :155
Havocs ,
Missile Launcher Las Cannon Las Cannon Missile Launcher :185
Land Raider , (1) :220

Points Summary:
HQ: 175
Troops: 988
Elites: 275
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 560
Total: 1998

See you on the other side! : DEXCON 15

Oh.... and this:

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Brummie said...

T-shirts look ace. Have fun!

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