Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the Table - Heretic Sentinels - WIP

Hey there Chaos Cultists!
I was taking a break after the Convention to get my stuff together but now I’m at it again. Here are some shots of my Heretic Sentinels for my Blood Pact Army. I know they only have 2 hull points in the new edition but I don’t care. I play for fun and I’m sure they are going to do well. Here are the WIP shots!
This Heretic is leaning towards Nurgle

The squadron of Evil

I wanted to get a barbaric look for these walkers...

Blood Pact colors for this guy

Old school Plasma Cannon

Old school Plasma Cannon

I'm using the Wargames Factory head for the pilots. 
- Cheers and thanks for looking!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Space Marine Armor completed.

I've been watching this guy making this for the last couple of months, he's an amazing craftsmen/artist.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back from Dexcon 15

Greetings Chaos Cultists!

I’m back from Dexcon 15 and boy I’m I tired! I had a great time with old and new friends, fought some fantastic battles, saw some amazing armies, and over all had a great old time. Dexcon is a five day gaming convention held at the Hyatt Hotel in Morristown New Jersey every summer. The nice people over at Double exposure throw the event and this year it had over 1000 pre-registered gamers! They play all kinds of games there including D&D, board games, Poker, and my favorite, Wargames! I wish I could have done the full week but I could only attend the weekend session. I drove down Friday night got set up in a room with my friends The Three Skulls Security Unit, and signed up for the first ever Nova Open at Dexcon. The games ran in two sessions, 4 rounds on Saturday and 5 rounds on Sunday. I had only time enough to play in five games, doing well enough to place 8th out of 16 players. I also signed up for the Mega Apocalypse battle on Saturday night.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Almost Time for WAR!

Totally packed, just need to complete one more day of work and I'm off Friday. Just need to print some PDFs for the Convention.

These are the T-Shirts I hand Painted for the Convention!

My Army for the Tournament:
Daemon Prince Mark Of Nurgle: 
Wings, Warp Time, Fearless, Eternal Warrior,  :175

(X3) Plague Marines , 7 per squad
Champion, Power Weapon, Melta Guns (x2), Rhino, :246
(1) Khorne Berzerkers , 10
Champion, Power Weapon, Personal Icon, Melta Bombs :250

CSM Terminators , 7 
Reaper Auto Cannon, Champions X 3,  Combi Melta (1), Power Weapons, Twin Linked Bolter (5), Combi Flamer (1) :275

Heavy Support
Havocs ,
Auto Cannon Auto Cannon Auto Cannon Missile Launcher :155
Havocs ,
Missile Launcher Las Cannon Las Cannon Missile Launcher :185
Land Raider , (1) :220

Points Summary:
HQ: 175
Troops: 988
Elites: 275
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 560
Total: 1998

See you on the other side! : DEXCON 15

Oh.... and this:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Packing for Dexcon 15!

The Carnival of Chaos, The Blood Pact, and The Black Legion coming to ROCK THE DEXCON WORLD!!!!! DEATH TO THE FALSE GOD! Down with The Imperium of Man!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

First 6TH Edition Battle Sunday!

Greetings Chaos Cultist!
Well, I just finished playing my first couple of battles for 6TH edition Warhammer 40k. We had two battles, the first was more of a run of the rules at 500 points test. My friend Jeff ran Blood Angels and ran Nurgle Marines with Khorne berserkers. I beat Jeff soundly with my Demon Prince taking most of the kills. The new flyer rules are just out of control, the Demon being able to fly 24 inches across the board in the beginning and the new vector strike rule won the day for me. My second battle went very poorly; it was 2000 points of my Nurgle Forces vs. Ken’s Grey Knights. His force just generates so much shooting/fire power it’s hard to keep on rolling those saves, and now with the feel no pain at a 5+ it’s very different. But, it was a really fun game. Here are some photos of the Mayhem. - Cheers
Yummy Blood Angel Snacks!

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