Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day everybody

I hope all you Fathers out there have a great day.  I spent most of the week with my son, Jarrett. We played 2nd Edition 40K and Necromunda this weekend.  - Cheers!
Old Skool Land Raider VS Old Skool Dreadnought! 

Tank Sneak Attack!

The good old days of Cards!

Everything you need is on the card including damage tables on the back.


Brummie said...

Happy Fathers day to you too mate.

Second edition ruled Especially Ragnar Blackmane when his boot claws actually did something!

Weird WWII said...

2nd edition and the Dark Millennium were fantastic games outta the box but when the codices started coming out it really went South.

Happy gamin', Pop.

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