Monday, June 18, 2012

Gift from a Friend

I've just received a gift from my old from Vincent.  I had lost track of him but we have know each other for 25 years or so.  Through the magic of Facebook, we once again have found each other and we entertain each other with posts about silly stuff.  Vinny noticed that I still paint figures after all this years and offered to send me some figures that he doesn't have time to paint as long as I paid the shipping.  Well pictured below is what I'm getting for $10.00 postage. Thank you so much my friend... I will do them justice!

OOP Blood thister!


Adam said...

That is a fantastic haul. Great friend to have!

Brummie said...

You lucky lucky boy!

Enjoy mate kudos to your buddy.

You need to re-mortgage to buy all those now

slobberblood said...

I am a very lucky man, during these bad financial times I could never afford purchasing these models again. I am twice as lucky as all of these models are 3rd Edition releases mint in box. My Friend has been hording them to one day build a Space Wolf force but has decided to move on to other pursuits. He has always been a very generous friend, and if I remember correctly he was one of the first people to get me into the hobby back in the 80s.

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