Sunday, June 10, 2012

Apocalypse Test Battle

Good morning Chaos Cultists!

Jarrett and I played a small game of Apocalypse yesterday, only about 5000 points a side. It was Eldar VS Chaos, a front line battle where the Eldar forces had to hold the line for 7 turns. I could win if I had a complete unit in his deployment zone by the seventh turn. The rules for the engagement were infantry lost completely could come back on the board from our board edge, vehicles and titans lost during the battle where gone forever. Here are some photos and videos from the game:

Blood Pact and Nurgle Forces

Blood Pact and Nurgle Forces

Blood Pact and Nurgle Forces

Table Top

Eldar Falcons

Fire dragons and Titans and Tanks

A bevy of Eldar Sniper Troops

Aspect Warriors

My Heavy Auto Cannon Teams and a Stalk Tank

My stand in for a Heavy Eldar Tank

Chimera under fire

Chaos Terminator vs. Titans and Tanks

Move Forward!!!!!

Cannon of Khorne OOP


Brummie said...

Great reports and pictures liked the videos of each turn as well. That first photo is awesome you should use it as your Avatar.

slobberblood said...

Thanks Brummie, I can always count on you commenting on my post, and I appreciate that for sure. About the photo, nope! only just for laughs...

Farseer Frank said...

Awesome pics man. Those eldar have come a long way since I've last seen them! Awesome work.

slobberblood said...

Thanks Frank, You know I love to paint!

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