Monday, April 16, 2012

WireWolf Nurgle Titan WIP

Hey Team,

I need your opinion, I'm scratch building another Titan, this time a Chaos Nurgle Titan but I have a problem.  I need to add scratch built guns and a scratch built head but I not sure how to move forward. The main body is done and I'm working on the upper carapace, but I need your thoughts on using a creeping mutated  head thing for the head of the Titan.  your thoughts?  Pictures below:
Main Body

carapace front

carapace back

Mutated Head Thing

Head Thing
  - Cheers and have a great week!


Weird WWII said...

That titan has some huge balls! Gotta write some special rules for them monsters.


slobberblood said...

LOL, thanks Brian, but any opinion on the mutated head?

Brummie said...

oooooo thats looking rather nice

Lord Siwoc said...

Make a big fly head! That could be nice and gross!!

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