Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working with my winnings

Good morning Team!

I'm spending the weekend with my Son playing X-Boxs games like Gears of War 3 and Saints Row the Third and starting to build my WarGames factory Models.  Here is a shot of the winnings:

The first thing I tried to put together was the officers, since I wanted to see how they fit together. I was confused about the proportions of these models, to me the legs look too short. see photo below:
These guys are freakish midgets with no shin bones! 
 So I decided to fix this with some bits-box legs. see below:

I'm using Eldar Legs and some boots off of a Mideast Archer 

The rest of the models are basic construction, but I do have some extra torsos and heads with the sprues.
I'm going to be creating new Officers models using bit box pieces and the extra stuff. see below:
Auto Cannons ready to fire with chaos bit on top

New Officer

Las Cannon and Officer

The Whole group so far.

Cheers!  thanks for looking!!!


Luckyjoe said...

Wow, your conversions really made a big difference. Your last officer pic is very cool. Great job on these. I converted some of my WGF Zombies with Mantic and other bits. This makes me want to get some of the Shock Troops just to see what I can do. :)

The Lord of Excess said...

At some point I would really like to pick up a nice sized force of this stuff. I sold most of my guard off (because I just wasn't playing it and with GW prices being so high I was able to make a profit on selling it off .. lol) because I wasn't playing 40K at all anymore. I've been waiting for the right system to come along and its looking like Warpath might be it. At any rate also awesome idea to use other GW bits to make some flavorful special character/HQ types!

Brummie said...

Looking good mate. Look forward to seeing them join the pact

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