Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scum and villainy in Steel-Port

or how an Inquisitor can run the Best Criminal organization on the X-Box.
As all of you know I’ve been playing Saints Row the Third for the last few weeks. Now I did not buy the game out right, I rented it from my local Red-box kiosk. I had read some amusing reviews about the game and I was intrigued. I’m not really a fan of what I call “Crime Games” but from what I read you could customize your character with an amazing interface, customize your gang, vehicles, and lair. I love games that give you the freedom to basically create your own character and also provide an open world to explore. The Character creation interface basically gives you the ability to create whoever or whatever you want as your avatar, I’ve seen on the internet people who have created characters like The Joker, Samuel L. Jackson, and even Tony Montana the ultimate crime lord.
I’ve tried the Joker route as you've seen in a previous post, but it seems everybody was doing that so I decided to follow my first love and went with Gregor Eisenhorn, a 40K inquisitor. I know Gregor is not a criminal, far from it. But I wanted to go with a little role playing, imagining that Steel-port was just a low tech Imperial World where all the Hive gangs have run amok, and Gregor has assumed control of one of the more powerful gangs to get control of the City.
Saints Row the Third does have a huge Science Fiction aspect, especially when S.T.A.G, a S.H.I.E.L.D. like government military organization steps in to take over the City. This gives Gregor quite a few toys to play with including Jet Bikes, VTOL Jets, Tanks, and Special weapons. Right now I’m almost at the end of the Campaign, but I still have a ton of side missions to do. Over all the game is a blast!- Cheers
S.T.A.G. VTOL Jets
S.T.A.G. VTOL Jets

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