Friday, January 27, 2012

Pictures from the First Campaign Day

These are some shot's from my friend Jeff who ran the campaign, he had more shot's but I just grabbed the ones that included my Army.
Here's a great shot of the Desert table, Jeff's Wife painted the scenery.

My Transport wreaked by the Necrons.

We had to capture the center building to gather many points!

I Destroyed the Necron Vehicle that destroyed the Transport.

For Khorne!! For Skulls!!

I destroyed the Grey Knight's Rhino with missile and Melta blasts 

Sneak behind this rock troops!

Over all it was a fun day.... more to come...


Weird WWII said...

So what where the two big dinos doing?

Cool board,

slobberblood said...

Hey Brian!!!
The Dinos were movable terrain that moved randomly, if they hit you troops took a leadership test, vehicles took a strength 8 hit.

Luckyjoe said...

That is some awesome terrain and nice looking minis.

Weird WWII said...

That's a cool variable to play against! So did anyone get bashed?


slobberblood said...

Brian, a good portion of my troops got scattered, one tank was destroyed, great fun was had.

Thanks Lucky Joe, it was a great board to play on...

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