Friday, January 27, 2012

Pictures from the First Campaign Day

These are some shot's from my friend Jeff who ran the campaign, he had more shot's but I just grabbed the ones that included my Army.
Here's a great shot of the Desert table, Jeff's Wife painted the scenery.

My Transport wreaked by the Necrons.

We had to capture the center building to gather many points!

I Destroyed the Necron Vehicle that destroyed the Transport.

For Khorne!! For Skulls!!

I destroyed the Grey Knight's Rhino with missile and Melta blasts 

Sneak behind this rock troops!

Over all it was a fun day.... more to come...

I love this girl! She built her own T.A.R.D.I.S.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I won second place in the Wargamefactory's painting contest!!!

I just received an email that I won second place for my Blood Pact army! check it out here:
I get $80.00 dollars to spend on figures (plus shipping charges)so I'm looking at getting Shock Troops Heavy weapons squads (2 boxes - six stands) see below, and another 18 man squad.

But as my luck would have it,  the online store can't complete the purchase, so I have to email their Customer Service... hopefully by this weekend I will have new figures to paint!!!  -Cheers

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Campaign Day Snowing Day

Workers Rabble with Enforcer

OK so today is the first day it has really snowed here in Pennsylvania, all winter, no snow. But today when I want to go out and play the 40K campaign that my buddy Jeff has been working on, it snows like hell. Go figure.  Anyway, for the campaign we are using Combat Patrol rules for the creation of our lists, basically the rules are as follows: 
 added rules written by Jeff, game master of the event.
Workers Rabble

Combat Patrol Restrictions
• 500 points or less
• Must conform to the following Force Organization restrictions:

0-1 HQ
1-3 Troops (one Troops choice is mandatory)
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support
0-1 Swing Slot (can field one additional Troops, Elite, Fast Attack OR Heavy Support choice)

• Armies are not required to take mandatory unit choices. All other unit restrictions (i.e. 0-1) apply.
• You may spend remaining points on units from anywhere in the Codex.
• With the exception of Troops and models with the Swarm Universal Special Rule, no model can have more than 2 Wounds.
• Psykers may be used, but may NOT use any power requiring a psychic test. For Grey Knights see below.
• No model may have a 2+ armour save.
• No model may have a 3+ invulnerable save.
• No Monstrous Creatures.
• No Special/Unique/Named Characters.
• Aside from Troops choices and dedicated Transports, only vehicles with a maximum of 11 in any armor facing may be taken. Dedicated transports and troops may have a maximum armor facing of 12. Vehicle Squadrons and Artillery units are permitted provided every unit within the unit individually would be permitted.

Army Specific Restrictions

Blood Angels
• Cannot field a Death Company Dreadnought.

• No Energy Fields on Wave Serpents. These vehicles receive a 35 point cost reduction.

Grey Knights
• May use 1d3+1 Psychic Powers per game. Only the following powers can be used: Hammerhand, Astral Aim, Warp Quake, and Fortitude.
• Can take an Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband as an Elite Choice without taking an Inquisitor.

• Can take a Royal Court as a HQ choice without taking an Necron Overlord.
• No quantum shielding on vehicles. These vehicles receive a 25 point cost reduction.

• Cannot field a Deff Dread.
Disciples of Xaphan

• Instinctive Behavior will only occur on a roll of 1 on a D6 if a unit is not within Synapse range.
• May not upgrade Tyranid Warriors with the Lash-whip and Bonesword combo.
• Boneswords do not cause instant death.

So here's my list for today based on the Renegades of Vraks (Blood Pact):

Enforcer 52
Enforcer 52
Disciples of Xaphan (7) 135
Heavy Weapons Team
Workers Rabble (20) 100
Workers Rabble (20) 100
Dedicated Transport
Chimera 55

Total: 494
The Force

I'm also packing extra stuff for a bigger battle
Wish me luck!  - Cheers

A little late but still important...

PS: 500 point 40K Campaign kicks off today, pics to follow!
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