Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick note, I'm very busy with work and family stuff so it's been hard to post lately.  My Son just gifted my with a New Fine-Cast Demon Prince of Nurgle and my Boss at work gave me a gift card which I in turn purchased a Scibor Chaos Rotten Lord to stand in as my Typus for my Nurgle Army.  pics below.
they are very close in size with the base.

It may be used as player’s hero, independent character, trooper or whatever else You want! In blister You’ll find 1 unpainted resin miniature and scenic round, 40mm, resin base.

Very close in size about Terminator size.

- Cheers

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nightmares and dreams...

Why are all of my dreams covered in insects and arachnids? I was also dreaming about weird Gothic sculptures. I was walking through this strange town, it was almost like Rome. Lots of ancient ruins and sculptures of white marble. I was walking towards this library. In the front of the building were these white marble pillars with large bronze gargoyles looming over the sides. I could see from where I was standing there was more to the sculpture but I had to climb the pillar to see more. Hidden behind the large gargoyle was a bound woman. Carved into the marble, trussed up like a slave, her ankle firmly grabbed by the creature. While looking at the sculpture, I looked over my shoulder and saw the roof of the building was also covered in hidden sculptures. I climbed down from the gargoyle and made my way to the roof of the library. The whole roof was carved to look like water, bronze heads of children were wading in the white marble water at the head of the roof was a gigantic figure of Neptune with his trident. I notice a security guard walking up to the building, so I climbed down and made my way to the water front. I looked into the Sea and saw that the water was tainted with an oily substance. Somehow, I knew this Substance was the essence of a Dark God that was forming under the Library. (DREAM CHANGE!) Now I'm looking into a store front. The whole window is covered in vegetation, on the plants are multiple insects and a large brown oily looking spider (I've seen this spider in other dreams.) On one of the small trees was a large lizard, it was eating a smaller lizard tail first.... Crazy stuff.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Angry Review

Sorry gang, still playing on the X-Box, with borderlands 2, Halo 4, and X-com I've been busy... check out these Angry Joe posts about X-Com!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry troops, I’ve been playing a game for the last few months…

Hey Chaos Cultists!
I’m sorry I’ve not been around lately, but I’ve been drawn into a conflict that can save the entire world!
XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a rehash of the 1994 classic was release last month and I’ve really been sucked in. It’s exactly like a table top miniatures game with tactics, actions, and movement that reminds me of the old Necromunda game. The game follows the tales of an elite military unit known as XCOM that is currently at war with an invading alien force. To prevent an alien takeover, the government has sent XCOM to eliminate enemy threats, and it will be your job to head into combat while controlling your group and keeping each other protected at all times. The game itself will take many hours to complete, and there are online multiplayer modes as well for those that actually enjoy what XCOM: Enemy Unknown has to offer. I’ve played through the easy, and normal campaigns and now have started the hard campaign with IRON MAN activated which does not allow you to save your game. Which basically means any rash decisions you make you keep forever, and with perma-death you favorite characters could be lost to Alien plasma fire, if you are a fan of table top war games or have played this game back in 1994, it’s a must have. I will be getting back to painting and playing hopefully soon…

 - Cheers!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello world!

I’m not dead yet, I've just been playing LOTS of X-com enemy unknown and Borderlands 2.  I have been painting in my off times however, below are some pictures of some figures I've been painting for our local campaign and some figures from the 6th Edition box set I've been working on. - Cheers!
My Nurgle Force

Nurgle Infantry

Nurgle Biker with Plasma Guns

Nurgle Hellbrute

Nurgle Biker
Khorne Berzerkers

Blood Pact Heretics

Blood Pact Heretics

Blood Pact Heretics

Blood Pact Heretics

Blood Pact Heretics

Blood Pact Heretic Defense Line

Inquisitorial Chimera

Inquisitorial Chimera

Inquisitorial Chimera

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

So this is it, half a century on this planet. God knows how many left. God bless all of my friends and family, you have made this such a wild ride.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vacation Pics

Hey Chaos Cultists,

Just a quick update, I finished the Khorne Chaos Berserkers for the soon to be released Chaos Codex. I've also have created a carry tray for my troops. Pictures below:

Now I have something to carry my troops with during the tournaments. 

Nurgle Marines

Scarlet Slaughter

Monday, August 20, 2012

On the Table - Chaos Berserkers WIP

Hey Chaos Cultists,

Just a quick update, I'm working on some Khorne Chaos Berserkers for the soon to be released Chaos Codex. I'm going a different route with these.  I'm using Chaos Marauder weapons and bits, Space wolf bodies, and chaos marine heads to get a unique look for my troops. take a look:

They have a closer look to the new Chaos Marines coming out soon.  (you know those leaked pictures!)  I can't wait to paint them!
- Cheers!

For Brummie, more leaked shots of the Box set.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heretic Sentinels and Lightning Strike Completed.

Hey Chaos Cultists, Here are the shots of my latest finished models for my Blood Pact Army.  Please forgive the bad pictures, just not getting good shots today.

This is my scratch build for the Lightning Strike variant, I based it on a 48TH scale P51 model.   

The Lightning is mainly used by the Imperial Navy for establishing air superiority due to its increased maneuverability over the Thunderbolt. It is often seen and heard plummeting from orbit or being scrambled from naval bases.

The STC data for the Lightning was discovered during the Saint-Saen Crusade, which liberated twelve worlds in Segmentum Obscurus. They were found on Karnak II by an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator team and the designs immediately given to the Mechanicus Lords of Cypra Mundi. It would take over 500 years of research and trials, including readings of the Emperor's Tarot and cross-referencing with the archives of Mars, before the designs were finally approved for production in supplying fleet carriers and cruisers of Battlefleet Obscurus. Since then the designs have slowly been disseminated to the Navy worlds of Bakka and Hydraphur and Lightnings are now commonly seen alongside the Thunderbolt in both Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Pacificus.

That's a anti-grave generator on the side there. Old found Tech.

Standard armament for the Lightning is a long barrelled ventral-mounted Autocannon and twin-linked Lascannons on the wing tips. Four wing hardpoints allows it to carry up to four Hellstrike Missiles, Hellfury Missiles, Bombs or six Skystrike Missiles. Other standard systems includes a pair of Parallax tracking augers located in the nose section, while many will mount additional equipment.
- Cheers!
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