Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scratch Built Titan WIP

Hey Gang,
I've been so busy with getting ready to move that I have had no time to post.  To make me "less" crazy, I've started a project I've wanted to do for some time now.   As you all know I sold my Armorcast Titans many years ago because of unemployment.  Now trying to get those same Titans off of E Bay is too expensive.  So I'm kit bashing a Titan from stuff around the house and some left over Armorcast weapons I still have. Here are the Pics of the W.I.P., I will post pics of the finished/painted Titan soon.

- Cheers


Brummie said...

looking good so far

slobberblood said...

Thanks! I have a ton of work to do on it. The legs need some heavy modding, I'm working on getting my old air brush up to speck, and I need some banners for sure.

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