Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nyrothalatep – Grand Torturer and Herald of the Shards

OK, here's my entry for Beast of War Necron Giveaway!
Nyrothalatep – Grand Torturer and Herald of the Shards!
Since the new Codex seems to like “guncentric” troops here’s a close combat monster to help the forces of the Necron win the war. With D6 attacks, power weapons tentacles, and a lash whip like grabble which gives the opponents initiative one, he should do the job! I hope I win, it's $500 of Necron Stuff!!!
Oh, and here's my shameless plug, if you are a member of Beasts of War, or plan to be one soon, can you please vote for me here:
 I thank you and my Son thanks you!

1 comment:

Brummie said...

looks cools good luck to you :oD

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