Sunday, October 23, 2011

Curb stomped in the land of Chaos

Well the group did meet at my house and a ton of fun was had. The big overall winner was Jarvis with his unbeaten record of 4 wins for the evening. He fought me twice, once against my new and unused Blood Pact army and my fallback Nurgle Marines, both TERRIBLE losses. Both games were Dawn of War/ Annihilation, Jarvis’ WALL OF METAL won out hands down, 1500 points of Imperial armor including 4 Russ Battle Tank variants, Veteran squads, Vendetta Gunship, and a hero. I ran with a bit more infantry, 3 squads of Veterans, chimera transports for them, three Russ Battle Tank variants, and a Gunship.

 Let’s say it ended like this.

Here are some shots of the first battle…


These large Ruins should help.... nope.

Keep on Firing!!!

"Those tanks wont see us here Bill!"

My Medusa and Chimera  

This how MOST of my tanks ended up.


Lord Siwoc said...

I have an armoured company as well. Big badaboom! Well it still sounds like you had some fun, and that is worth remembering! Plus...Now you have a lovely grudge on him!!

Monty said...

Great stuff! :)

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