Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Blood Pact’s Part 2 WIP Army shots

Here are a few more WIP army shots of the Blood Pact forces I'm gathering.
Tanks and Heretics!

Half the army, I have shock troops and more tanks to convert to Chaos.
These figures were setup for my Weird World War 2 games, but nobody in my local area plays these types of games. So I’m going to convert all of my WWW2 figures and vehicles to the Blood Pact cause. I’m not going to do a complete repaint as it would take forever with the amount of figures; I’m just going to paint the armor pieces, like shoulder pads and such. I will be using my resin chaos tanks as Heavy support choices, and I have a bunch of other German and American tanks I can convert as well.
You guys might recognize these troops as Bauhaus Militia, they make great Troops and they are cheap!   

Command Platoon, and yes that is the Red Skull!

These are my Salamander Scout Vehicles with extra armor.

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