Friday, September 23, 2011

My Day off...

Well I had a day off today to get some dental work done.. YAY! But after I did get some time to paint some figures for this weekend's games... here are the shots:
These are my "Grey Knights" the one in the front there is an OOP Grey Knight model.

Here's a shot of my Termite in a game, it worked out pretty well!

Another Shot

Here's another HQ unit for my force.

The back showing some cloak detail

More OOP models for my Inquisitorial force 

Oh that's why the Sisters of battle are armed to the teeth!
I'm writing up a 1500 point force for this weekend I can't wait to play!.... -Cheers

Just want to give a heads up, on Netflix right now they are showing
High School of the Dead by Gakuen Mokushiroku. 

it's fantastic and I'm getting a ton of ideas for my Zombie Apocalypse games. After a virus turns the teachers and pupils of Fujimi High School into zombies, a group of surviving students arm themselves with an arsenal of homemade weapons in a bid to survive the undead menace that soon sweeps across the globe.
Classic Zombie Killers! tee hee...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Space Marine FREE Co-Op addition in early October.

I can't wait!

Confirmed Info:

1.) Space Marine will have 4 player online Co-Op and will be FREE to anyone who purchases the game.
2.) Co-Op will be Space Marine vs. Orks ; Forces of Chaos.
3.) All 3 Multiplayer classes will be available (Tactical Marine, Devastator or Assault Marine)
4.) Multiplayer Perks can be applied to each of the 3 classes that you have unlocked via Multiplayer progression
5.) Co-Op progression will apply to your multiplayer ranking (Unlocks perks; weapons)

6.) Co-Op will initially launch with 2 scenarios: Assault on Hab Center Andreas & Escape from Kalkys Facility. Each will include multiple arenas.
7.) Co-Op will be score based featuring global leaderboards. There will be score multipliers and dynamic challenges to help teams boost their scores.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Inquisitorial Henchmen Part One

OK so I have the core force I want to play with, but now I have to paint them as an army. There is a good chance that I am going to repaint a lot of the older Warhammer 40k Figures I have, most of them I painted way back in the late 80’s and 90’s and really need a touch up. I’ve pulled a lot of the older Imperial guard figures, some of these are back around the Rogue Trader days. See below.

They kind of look like a bad 80's band from Australia.

Where's my Vegemite Sandwich?

Give us the Gas!

If you can believe this, these are Imperial Guard troopers!

Hey watch it with that old Needle Pistol Sonny!

Mutant Scum perhaps?
These really need to be stripped and repainted; I want to go with a uniformed color scheme. Mostly Black and bone with highlights in red. I’m not sure if I will Simple Green the figures or just paint over what’s been chipped and painted.
I love my Melta Gun!

Gideon Ravenor (Interrogator, later Inquisitor)
I also have 99.9 percent of my Sucker Punch squad for my Death Cult Assassins. (A mistake from the Warstore has left me missing my Sweet Pea, but I should get her soon.) Plus some Grey Knights from my Son.

I also have these two Warrior Acolytes, which will stand as my Warrior and Body Guard.
Well I have a lot of work in front of me....

Here are a few shots of the Grey Knights and the Termite I touched up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I’ve been very busy… Gaming on the X-Box!

DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for not posting lately, but I’ve been working on some painting projects and playing too much Space Marine! OH MY BOD! What a very cool game! I’m working my way through the campaign, taking it slow and enjoying the mayhem. Space Marine is not a complicated game, there’s little to the story beyond kill all the Ork troops because they’re bad, then kill all the Chaos troops because they’re worse, but hey it’s the name of the game right?

I’m really enjoying the Multi-player even though it’s a little limited, and let’s be honest the Assault troops are way over powered and need to be cut back a bit. But right now I’m at level 10 and working my way to level 41, so I’m happy… This weekend should be fun, it’s my Son’s 16th birthday and we should be playing a few games.
What you lookin at kid???

I will post a battle report. Till then – Cheers!
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