Thursday, August 18, 2011

WIP GEV Kit Bash Tank

Hey Gang, I'm working on my kit bash project to get some more tanks for my Inquisitor force I'm writing up for the next Warhammer 40K Meet at the end of the month.  Here are a few shots in the raw:

I'm going to be using this as a Chimera

Based on a US Bradley Model and other Bitz Box odds and ends

I'm hoping to get some more stuff added to the under carriage.

Ground Effect Vehicle G.E.V.

Well I need to do some more work, but I will be posting more pics soon.  -Cheers!


Monty said...

Looking good, love the recycling aspect too :D never got into 40K miniature gaming, however I have got hold of a few Orks that I'm painting up for a the PC game though - Dark Crusade ;)

Brummie said...

Very good you the good thing is you could use it for anything as well as 40k. Looking forward to seeing more good job!

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