Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Birthday almost over

Well it's almost bed time and I'm wrapping up my birthday, it was tons of fun.  I had a great lunch with my Wife, Sushi and Saki! I received from her a $50 gift certificate from the War-store, that I use to purchase some cool female figures for my Inquisitor Army.  I went with the REAPER CHRONOSCOPE Line for the figures, after seeing Sucker Punch I wanted those girls to be part of my retinue. See below:



Sweat Pea

I also Purchased a couple of Gears of Wars looking troopers, I also got some Gear 9 tokens for 40K.  I should get them by this weekend.  I also got a new IPOD and a Pre-Purchase of Space Marine for my X-Box 360.  She also purchased for me a GI Joe toy which I asked for so that I can turn it into An Imperial Termite.
An Imperial Termite is a transport choice for Imperial Guard, Witch Hunters, Cult Mechanicus and Space Marine forces. It acts like a drop pod and those are the rules I will use for it. Here are a few shots of the original Epic scale figure and the 40K Scale that Epicast made back in the 1990's.
Here is the smallest underground troop transport, the Termite. Released in the Summer of 1989 with rules in White Dwarf 116. also a Termite on its transport vehicle.

The 40K Termite from Epicast is almost identical to the Epic Emerging Termite. Seats 10 comfortably.

Next is the grand Mole ready to be launched with its cargo of 20 troopers.

I just finished painting mine up while watching Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. (It was a hoot!) Here are the pics of the model.

I also watched an interesting movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.
So it ends and so begins my 49th year on this globe, I hope it goes well...


Adam said...

Wow, are those girls "supposed" to be the girls from Suckerpunch? Because the resemblance is uncanny.

Can't wait to see them painted.


slobberblood said...

Hey Adam, The Girls are "anime" chicks from CHRONOSCOPE line, but believe me those are Sucker Punch minis... They would look great as Zombie killers, hint hint!

Adam said...

Heh heh, they do look armed well enough to deal with a Zombie onslaught. I especially like the look of Rocket, but I do have a soft spot for girls with MP5Ks.

I see they are listed as anime, but I though Suckerpunch was recent enough that it would be hard for so many sculpts to have come out since it's release. Maybe time just flies.

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