Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inquisitorial Guncutter

For my game tomorrow I needed a Storm Raven Gunship, so I took an idea from the book Eisenhorn and built this.
The Guncutter:  From the Eisenhorn Wiki
The most powerful conventional weapon in his arsenal was his gun-cutter, a personal spacecraft capable of atmospheric flight, if not independent Warp-travel. Large enough to contain cabins and crew-quarters for a half-dozen people as well as a sizable cargo deck, the cutter was fast, agile and well-armed with several autocannon turrets.


Brummie said...

Nice work. I like what you've done.

In my eyes I can't imagine this as the Gun Cutter to look like this

slobberblood said...

I see what you are saying. The Guncutter maybe more of a dropship/plane like vehicle, I was going for a heavy APC/Gun platform. Thanks for the comments and watching!

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