Friday, August 12, 2011

The Grand Eldar project. Rangers and Spiders and a Snake...

Hey Gang,

My Vacation is almost over, I just have this weekend and Monday, then it's back to the grind.  This following week we should have some grand battles since my Son is staying over for a week.  I have a good portion of his Eldar army completed and I have some ideas for next weekend's bring and battle at Jeff's.  I'm writing up a 1500 point Inquisitor force.  Here are some shots of the Eldar Rangers and the Warp Spiders I've completed.

My Wife Paula and I went hiking and ran into a rather large snake!  Here's a few vacation shots, (more for my kids to check out!)

Paula by the waterfall

The Waterfall

Cool Rock stairway

Me on the stairs

The Scary Snake!

and the scary trail!

- Cheers!


Brummie said...

Love all you classic Rangers much better models in my opinion the look much more stealthy.

I really like the edging round the coats

slobberblood said...

Thanks so much Brummie!

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