Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pre-Order Armour Sets Vs. Standard Chapters

This is straight from Space Marine (THQ)

THQSledgehammer here with an update on the pre-order armor sets and the standard chapters in-game.

As some of the eagle-eyed fans out there will have noticed from the customization videos released today the game includes most chapters which you can customize yourself, not to mention a badge and color system that allows you to make the others. Now this has caused a bit of confusion as to what the difference between these chapters and the pre-order content is.

The simple answer is there is a basic version of every pre-order chapter in the game which you can customize, so it doesn’t matter where you buy it, you will be able to build your own Space Wolf, Black Templar and Blood Raven, not to mention the forces of Chaos. However, the pre-order content includes very cool elements for these classes which will not be available any other way.

Take the Space Wolves for example, the pre-order set includes some awesome unique wargear which any Space Wolf champion would be proud of. The character skin includes a wolf pelt, a wolf head design back-pack, custom chest emblem, helmet and knee pads making the player stand out even more on the battlefield.

Below are images of all of the pre-order skins alongside the standard variant (not customized) available to everyone. Hopefully this will help you decide which pack is right for you.  Don’t forget that we have limited quantities of the collector’s edition, so if you were on the fence because you didn’t think you could play as your favorite chapter, now’s the time to pre-order!

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